Animation Looking different in game than it does in the editor

Hello! Sorry if this is the wrong category.
So I’ve made an animation and when testing it in-game it looked different than it did in the animation editor. (sorry if this is not explained well. It’s the only way I cant explain it)
Here are some videos:

In the Editor:


Sorry for the trouble.

(sorry the animation isn’t that great. We are working on functionality more than making it look good at the moment.)

after an animation is done loading, it returns back to its original state
try to copy the final frame of the animation, and paste it onto a new animation, then code it so the animation preloads and when the animation is done playing, the animation starts playing

Hello! sorry for the confusion. I know that part. What I mean is that in the editor the character at the end of the anim is sitting on the edge of the bed. In-game though this is not the case. They only get like 2/3 of the way there for some reason.

Sorry for the confusion. :sweat_smile:

either change the animation weight or disable Workspace.AnimationWeightedBlendFix or whatever its called

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That worked! Thank you very very much!