Animation Loop Help

Animation Loop
Hi everyone,
so I’m comparing mixamo loops to normal loops and I can never seem to get them to be noticeable. I tried editing a mixamo animation to see if that would help and for some reason the loop became noticeable (I only edited the arms).
I animate in Blender but if anyone has any advice on how to make loops more seamless then I’d be willing to try it.
I’m not looking for advice to make a good animation, just advice on how to make a good loop for walking, idles, running etc.

The edited animation (bad loop)

The unedited animation (good loop)


First keyframe sequence on 0, Last one on 1 above of your animation lenght.
So, if your animation is 40 seconds then you place it at 41. hope it worked out

I also dont really see a bad loop here overall, animation itself looks messy in positions

Thanks! Yep, the animation was rushed and a messy draft to see if I could change the loop. :slight_smile: