Animation manipulation questions

Since i haven’t seen this talked about often, I gotta ask.

After a quick search of the api on animation tracks and related, here are the questions i have:

  1. What exactly is weight and what does it do?
  2. What does fade time do?
  3. Adjusting weight is nice, but when would i use it?
  4. Can I overlay multiple ontop of a character to play without doing extra things?
    (Like a walking animation on handling the legs while a reloading animation takes over and handles the arms until it is done and returns control to the walking animation)
  5. I am in the interest of making a time manipulation game, so what are important ideas I need to remember about animation?
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You will find many answers here.





  4. Basically yes. Informations about Animation Editor.

    Here you find all other informations what you need.

That is all. I do not know how I can help more.
I hope I helped.

@iborek Please do not post like this. Directing OP to resources is cool, but your post should not merely contain links without any direction as to why they are relevant.

Please search things before asking them. The answers to your questions are available on the Developer Hub or may have already been asked already. Most of your questions can be answered by having a look through the AnimationTrack documentation page.

For the questions that this page won’t answer though:

  • Overlaying animations: Yes, you absolutely can. If you’ve played other Roblox games, you would understand that such is possible. So long as you order the priority of your animations correctly, you should be fine. All Roblox animations except jump animations use the Core priority (Level 1) iirc. If you create a reloading animation at Action priority (Level 4), the reload animation will play overtop the walking animation - so long as you create your animation correctly, the arms and any other limbs will move according to your reloading animation, while the rest of your limbs continue to take from the walking animation.
  • Time manipulation game: You will have to invest some time into determining speed rates and using AdjustSpeed to your advantage. Remember though that animations are merely visual and will have no actual effect on physics. You will have to ensure that your physics and animations line up accordingly to achieve the intended end visual effect.

For number 4, yes the animations will play over each other, but you would still need to animate the legs on the reloading animation even though you have the walking animation below. At least, the last time I tried this it didn’t go well.

Is there a way to apply a priority level on to a single limb? Or is it only on the whole animation?

No you don’t. For a reloading animation, lock/disable the limbs you don’t need in your animation. This way, only limbs you animate will move and the rest will continue playing whatever animation they were playing before.

You are right.
Anyway, Thanks for feedback.

Ah thank you, that helps.