Animation Mirror Plugin


I was very annoyed with roblox’s lack of mirroring functionality, so I made a plugin to do it for me.
Big thanks to for mirror code (I simply adopted it into a plugin form)

How to use:

  1. Save animation to a rig
  2. Press “Mirror Animation” button in the plugin bar
  3. Click the rig the animation was saved to (note: this currently doesn’t show a selection box - this will be fixed in the future)
  4. Select which animation you would like to mirror
    The mirrored animation will be saved as animationName_mirrored, where animationName is the name of the animation you are mirroring.

Request features and post bugs below (NOTE: This is very quick n’ dirty, so please do expect some bugs!)

MIrrored Looping Animation

I love this! Great work!