Animation Mirror Plugin

I was very annoyed with roblox’s lack of mirroring functionality, so I made a plugin to do it for me.
Big thanks to for mirror code (I simply adopted it into a plugin form)

How to use:

  1. Save animation to a rig
  2. Press “Mirror Animation” button in the plugin bar
  3. Click the rig the animation was saved to (note: this currently doesn’t show a selection box - this will be fixed in the future)
  4. Select which animation you would like to mirror
    The mirrored animation will be saved as animationName_mirrored, where animationName is the name of the animation you are mirroring.

Request features and post bugs below (NOTE: This is very quick n’ dirty, so please do expect some bugs!)


I love this! Great work!


Feature Request:

Mirroring from back to front or front to back.

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fix pls !!! this plugin is precious and must be saved at all costs

Moon Animator already provides this functionality, so you could use that plugin. Here’s the tutorial (you should be able to find the info on mirroring here). Getting Started with Moon Animator 2 - [Unofficial]