Animation not affecting arms

I am trying to animate a character (an NPC). It has had animations before, but I want to change its animation. I have created and exported the new animation. The new animation differs from the old one, as the character moves its arms in it. However, when trying to play the animation, the arms do not move.

The arms are rigged to the character, although the rigging looks like it’s been redone manually. The animation is an idle animation. All parts in both tools the character is holding and arms are unanchored and don’t have collision. Could the rigging be wrongly made and cause the problem? I am not very talented when it comes to rigging characters.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Have you tried out the animation on a basic dummy to make sure it is the rig that’s the issue?

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Thank you, something was definitely wrong with the character, on a dummy the animations loaded entirely wrong!

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