Animation not fully playing

Hello I have an animation that’s used for when the player jumps after a ledge grab, but it’s not playing correctly and I don’t know what the problem is.

(The animation is slowed down to show the issue more clearly)

I know for a fact that the issue is not the animation priority, or another animtion overlapping as I have tried the animation on an empty dummy and still got the same result.

I changed the animation to an animation that just turns the character upside down and that animation became an animation that turns the chracter upside down half-way now, and I just don’t know what else to do, the only thing I could think is that there is an issue while publishing the ainmation to roblox.

if uou have any idea what could be causing the please let me know.

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I’m not sure it will work, but see if there’s a keyframe at the end of the animation. If not, add one.

it already have a keyframe at the end, so that won’t be it

I don’t like bumping but I help with this