Animation not overriding the sprint animation

So I have a jumping animation that I made inside of moon animator and a walking and a sprinting animation that I made inside of the default roblox animator. I set both walking and sprinting animation’s priority to Movement and jumping animation to Action, but the jumping animation only override the walk animation and not the sprinting animation.


did you stopped the running animation? i don’t know too much about animations but

normally i use this method, everything works fine here

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I cant stop the run animation since the jump animation and the sprint animation are in 2 different scripts

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i recommend using a single script to handle animations together… you would need to create two repeated functions inside each script (1 for Walking script and 1 for running)

this can get really serious if you create alot of animations, imagine having 50 different Scripts for animations, you will need to ctrl c + v all the time

with One script it will be really easy, you will create less functions and will make your workflow really fast, trust me

I think it would be easier to copy the animation Id into the player Animate script to make the walking and jumping animation, and I created a script for the player to sprint, thats why they are in different 2 scripts. I don’t know how to make walking animation inside a new script but I’m sure it is possible to fix the animation.

So basically there is a line of code inside of player animate script that makes every movement animation priority to core, you have to change the the code and set the fall and jump animation priority to Action or whatever that is higher than the priority of your sprinting animation.

code at line 246

currentAnimTrack = humanoid:LoadAnimation(anim)
currentAnimTrack.Priority = Enum.AnimationPriority.Core

if currentAnimTrack.Name == "JumpAnim" then
    currentAnimTrack.Priority = Enum.AnimationPriority.Action
if currentAnimTrack.Name == "FallAnim" then
    currentAnimTrack.Priority = Enum.AnimationPriority.Action

Hey do you know how to make default roblox jumping and falling animations at a priority?