Animation not playing correctly (please help)

So I have an animation for a gun I made. So that when the player walks around it looks like the player is holding the gun accordingly and so that the arms don’t bobble up and down when the player moves. Its supposed to look like this:

But when I equip the gun it looks like this:

And the arms still bob up and down. The animation is looped and priority is movement

It is because of your animation package. You have the rthro animation package.

How do I fix that via code then?

I am not too sure if there is a code for this. But there is a solution. Go to Game Settings → Avatar → Animation → Standard.

Indeed, when an animation plays, it uses the priority to decide in case animations overlap. But if there are no movements set for a particular joint in the high-priority animation, it is not considered to ‘overlap’ and thus plays the low-priority animation for those joints.

By setting ‘waypoints’ in the animation for those other joints, they become active, and the default bobbing doesn’t occur any more. I think that is what you meant is the problem.

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Sorry could you explain a bit…by way points do you mean frames? Should I set priority to action?

Points are frames. And, yes. The animation priority should be set to Action.