Animation not playing correctly


I made this animation for my friend’s game, he uploaded it but it only plays fully for him. Here’s how it looks like for me:

versus how it looks like in the Animator:

(Animation priority is set to Core in AnimSaves > KeyframeSequence)

Any help would be nice! Thanks!


Off topic but that animation is amazing.

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I am not sure what causes the difference. But: If parts of the animation are missing, shouldn’t it be set to action instead of core? Maybe it mixes two animations, don’t know. I am an animation noob. :smiley:

AnimationPriority Enum, which as four priority levels.

  1. Core (lowest priority)
  2. Idle
  3. Movement
  4. Action (highest priority)

The developer site is very good to know in any case.

Change easing style to linear or invert easing direction. Set to action

It might be a bug. I think it is a bug because your friend can see the animation fully play while you can’t. That may be a bug from ROBLOX.