Animation not playing

So basically I’m making a round based game and whenever the round ends I want to have a statue of the player that won dancing.

I’ve made a script that changes the statues model whenever there is a new winner and also play a animation on the model of that player but the animation wont play and I’m getting no error messages, anyone know why?

btw The winners character is loading it’s just the animation that won’t play


Code looks okay to me. The animation should take a second to load but then it should play.

You made sure the Animation has a valid AnimationID?

Also if it’s going to be the same animation every time you should preload the animation so that it is ready right away.

try inserting the animation into the dummy, i dont recommend keeping it in workspace,
also ive notice on third line, theres StatueEvent.Event instead of OnServerEvent

It’s a bindable event not remoteEvent, and I have changed the code and moved the animation into the dummy it still does not work.

why is it bindable and not remove event? i dont quite know whats bindable event

Do you script? and if so for how long, cause bindable events are something you should probably learn.

eh, i kinda do, but only with remote events

Considering it is a statue, did you maybe anchor the Dummy?
Because animations will not play on anchored humanoids.

If that’s the case you could weld the Dummy to a platform instead of anchoring it.

nah still does not work when I unanchor it I’ll try welding it but I doubt It will do much
Edit: Welding did not work