Animation not stopping when using a Track:Stop()

Hello, i have an issue where my animation wont stop when using Track:Stop(), its a looped animation running in a basic stat training script that is called via a RemoteEvent, i checked to see if it was running at all and it was, but it didn’t stop the animation and there are no errors.

if CommandType == "Magic" then
		local Animation ="Animation")
		Animation.AnimationId = "".. AnimationDictionary["MeditateSit"]
		local Track = humanoid:LoadAnimation(Animation)
		local IdleAnimation ="Animation")
		IdleAnimation.AnimationId = "".. AnimationDictionary["MeditateIdle"]
		local IdleTrack = humanoid:LoadAnimation(IdleAnimation)
		IdleTrack.Looped = true
		if Parameter == "Add" then
			PlayerStats.Magic.Value = PlayerMagic + (1450 + (PlayerLV * 50))
		elseif Parameter == "Start" then
		elseif Parameter == "End" then
			IdleTrack:Stop() ---------------right here
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You want Track to stop?

You only stopped the IdleTrack

Oh, sorry I see the problem

the “Track” animation isnt looped so i didnt need to stop it since it only played once but the “IdleTrack” is looped, the problem is the :Stop() function isnt stopping the looped animation.

oh i just read your edit lol

You need the :LoadAnimation outside of that if statement or the script thinks it’s a new one.

This should fix it.
Redefining it makes the script think it’s a whole new animation. (Which I think is stupid)

Yeah, I was being dumb for a minute.

the :Stop() is in an if statement inside the if statement that has the :LoadAnimation, shouldn’t i be able to read from it there?

What I am saying is you are redefining this every time the if statement runs.

hmm i dont think im understanding, also i just ran print(IdleTrack.IsPlaying) and it came out as false, so thats another strange thing.

What I am saying is every time this line runs

It is making a whole new variable

Meaning it is not stopping the old track, but stopping the new one that was made

oh i see, ill try that, but that just throws all my organization out the window which sucks

Hm, you can try to use this


It returns an array of all the tracks playing.

This might help out.

I don’t exactly know if it’ll make s difference, but you should be loading the animation via an Animator, that’s why when you do it with a Humanoid OR AnimationController it’ll be crossed out… because it’s deprecated.