Animation on Rig Not Playing Correctly

This category on the forum might not be the one this post is supposed to be in, but I can’t seem to find one for animation.

Basically, I created an animation for a rig that players normally in something like Moon Animator, but when the animation is applied in testing it breaks. I don’t think it has to do with Animation Blending because I’ve tried adjusting weights in the script, changing the priority of the animation, things like those. And for this animation especially, with it being the idle and no other animations playing before it.

Can somebody explain why the joints are off in the actual rig even though it’s the same rig as the one used for animating? Is it a scripting thing or?

(Solution Beneath)

When importing the rig, I grouped it as a model and scaled it down from there to something like 0.104. This broke the rig, and I needed to scale it down and have the model scale as 1, with the parts scaled down not the model.

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