Animation once you get above a certain health after it being low?

So I want to create a ragdoll system when your low on health, and also want to make it so once your health is better, it plays an animation and your up again, how would I go about this?

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How are you ragdolling it? Are you simply changing the CFrame of the Motor6ds?

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I would just like it to be a simple ragdoll, like a ragdoll on death exept your not dead, but how would I do that?

Here’s a post by EchoTheReaper R15 / Rthro Ragdolls

What about finding if the player is low health or not? And giving the player these things depending on what it is?

You can use the Humanoid changed event then modify the script to set it there, I looked in it and it actually does it when the player dies so you’ll probably have to keep the character alive and use the same method then maybe quickly :LoadCharacter() on the player and set it to the exact CFrame of the old character and play the animation, not sure how that would work.

I tried this and it did not work, I put animation in and the health, but it didn’t work, I tried putting it in character and player scripts.

oh you have to make your own ragdoll system this is just the health changed thing

how would I go about doing that, I have the ragdoll, but how do i activate it with this?

you can use the module @azahid1 linked along with my script

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I did. But I dont know how to link the 2.

ok i will do it and post a place file of it ok

Okay thank u. Character30thing

Use something like this

if Player.Character.Humanoid.Health <= HealthYouWantToRagdoll then
--not indented since written in devforum

By the way, I use character customization in my game, so the players package changers, I think its having an effect on the ragdolling part, any fix?

the module caters to different packages i think

Im getting output errors on line 23 and 50. in the ragdoll handler??