Animation parts stop rendering but Network Owner visuals still update?

Sorry for the confusing title, I don’t know how to describe this. Within the last few weeks (over 3 weeks ago but still recent) our Idle animations stopped working properly in World // Zero.

Essentially the Idle animation loop will freeze and you will look like no animations are playing. I used a GetPlayingAnimationTracks on my AnimationController to verify this, and it claims that the Idle is playing.

Now, I turned on the Physics setting “Are Owners Shown” and noticed that the SelectionBoxes around the parts continued to animate, despite my character still appearing frozen.

Any ideas what might be causing this?


Well, i’m not quite sure, but by the looks of it it happenes to my animations too! they have the same exact problems that you had with your idle animation i have to research more about this stuff but try asking someone who’s had a great advanced life of animating, maybe that will get things back up & started.

I’m having the same issue as well, and mine had to do with ‘sleeping parts’…
I have a silly workaround which is to anchor/unanchor my model to ‘wake up’ the entire model, which fixes the animations for me…

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We’ve been seeing issues with sleeping parts as well. Look at how these mobs float and then “snap” onto the ground once the player comes within aggro range. The mobs are owned by the server.

(Bug is very obvious around 7 seconds)


We’ve looked at a few similar issues recently. We haven’t been able to reproduce it reliably.

Right now I’d suspect a rendering issue. Looks almost like the graphics parts are becoming assumed “static” after the character goes idle.

If you’re ever able to produce a more reliable repro that would help a lot.

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May have discovered the cause of this and disabled that change. Can you check and see if you can still repro this bug?

Specifically the bug shown in the initial post, where you can see the animation playing on the “Are Owners Shown” outline, but the model is frozen.

The second thing you posted with Mobs snapping down into place might be unerlated (but still a bug)

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