Animation Play Broken

I’ll try to summarize this:

When you try to play animations on a rig (I’ve tried this on R15 and R6), they do not play. This is an immense issue, since I (along with every other animator) can’t playback the animations we’ve made in the editor to see if it’s good. It’s been broken since RDC 2016 and as of right now it makes it difficult to produce or edit animations.

I hope this gets fixed soon, it’s hindering progress for some people. Who’s in charge of the Animation Editor as of now?


Are you using an outdated version of the animation editor? It works just fine for me.

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I’m using version 3.3.1. I just installed it on a school computer, so I doubt it’s outdated. Did I download the wrong version? This is what I took:

That’s the correct version. Could you provide a video/gif of you trying to play an animation?

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I don’t have access to my computer and I’m using a school computer (so I can’t download a gif capturing app). Does playing an animation in studio work for you? Alex’s version doesn’t seem to open any parts other than HumanoidRootPart and the editor v 3.3.1 doesn’t let you play them.

Can you provide more information about what you’re trying to do? I was able to create and play animations today and don’t seem to be having the issue you reported. An example place that has the animation you’re trying to play would be very helpful.

And remember the bug reporting steps:

Following these will help us get your bugs looked at and fixed quicker.

Here’s a gif of what’s happening. It’s been this way since RDC.

Basically, when I drag the frame, it shows what the animation should look like, however when I play it, the dummy goes into a default pose and stays there until you click Return To Editor.

Additionally, it seems as if closing a studio window with Team Create enabled or saving while animation editor is open, then exiting will leave the dummy permanently in whatever position it was in. This isn’t a huge issue, but it’s a bit odd.

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I’m having the same issue at the moment. Pretty sure it’s something to do with team create since that’s the only commonality I’ve found between our experiences.

Did you find a solution?

It’s hard to fix an issue like this without a reproduce case but I think maybe we can revisit the code being used to play animations in the editor soon. I want to change the Animation Editor to use a new method I have coming out this week to play animations without running the game, that change could also fix this issue.

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That would be the greatest thing to ever happen. So many issues have been caused by the Animation Editor running the game when playing an animation.