Animation Playback Bug

Okay so animation playback is still buggy like it was when it was first released.

Animations will sometimes play, and sometimes get cut off. No idea why whatsoever. I am talking about user animations, not site animations.

Additional Information: Happens with the two animations I’ve made, one is Core, one is Action.
P.S. I’ve yet to see documentation describing what those types actually do? (Unless I missed it?)

Yeah it’s pretty inconsistent. But the animations look good when they decide to play :slight_smile:


Today’s work ^

Core and Action are AnimationPriority types (Core < Idle < Movement < Action). They’re the ZIndex of animations; the higher priority animations will override the lower priority animations on the joints that the higher priority animation uses, but the lower priority animations will still be playing in the background and it will go back to those when the higher priority animations end.

[size=1]P.S. Pokemon are cool[/size]

My entire animation will stop at random times. Sometimes it makes it the full 2s, sometimes it doesn’t even get to 0.2s. Very inconsistent. It’s “Action” also.

Can anyone confirm this though?

I was so hyped for user animations and when I found out they didn’t finish playing 50% of the time (even on action type) I got sad.

Happens to me as well. I’ve just finished creating sharks and bears for my game and the animations are perfect offline. Online, though, the bears seem to “glide” toward me - their legs don’t move, although they do when in the distance (sometimes). Quite weird and, well, depressing! :pinch:

The dev who worked on this is on vacation (lol?!?!) but when he gets back we will be able to look into it.

I’ve been experiencing this or a similar issue with the bots in my place. I’ve never encountered it in solo mode, but oddly it appears both to the client and the server. The bots use the same Animations and almost the same animation script as player characters, which suggests the issue concerns non-Player Humanoids.

Wait… ROBLOX employees work at ROBLOX AND get vacation days?! Now that’s unreal. :wink:

The errors I get occur in studio and in visits. It just stops playing randomly. Play needs to be called to restart it.