Animation playing in Animation Editor but character will not play it

I have created a custom rig for my game, and also for the same rig i have made a walk animation (in blender). After importing the animation on roblox studio it plays normally on animation editor. I then published it to roblox to get the Id. I tried taking the Animate script and changing the Animation Ids and even made a small script that detects the player speed and plays the animation but still nothing. I check for “animation.IsPlaying” and returns true but still the animation is not displaying on either client or server side. I am the owner of the animation.

So to add a little more context: The custom character is an R15 rig but i have added fingers. I have removed the joints and added bones so the fingers and the torso can bent in order to be more realistic. I simply imported the required parts in blender and rigged it there (i don’t know if i should add anything other on the model). I also used that exact model to make the animation.

Have you tried checking the loop and export in the Animation Editor?

Of course. My character just floats there… Menacingly. The character is not exactly humanoid as it has some extra parts. Do you think it might cause trouble? I have seen games with similar style and it works normally.

It could be about part rigging, please refer to this reply:

Well this will take a while to check cause if i rename the parts it will create problems with bone armature. I will try it ASAP and i will respond again. Thanks a lot for the tip.

So I renamed the parts normally and still the animation won’t play. Furthermore i tried playing an animation on a random cube that i rigged with bones, and i get the same thing. The animation doesn’t seem to play but when i check i get that it plays. Plus the place i’m testing is not the issue as when i spawn as my default roblox character all animations (not the ones i made) work just fine and i tried my custom animations on other places and they did not work

I have not the slightest idea why it worked but when i imported the character as R15 instead of Custom it has some extra objects that make the animation play normally. I don’t know why it works and i don’t know if it will continue to work, so if you have another solution please do tell.

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