Animation plays backwards after completion

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I want to make chest opening animation and keep chest opened

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My animation (Not looped; Action priority) runs as it should, but after animation completion same animation is played, but in reverse

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There 0 words about animation reverse on devhub and nobody seems to have same problem.
I tried to change all non-linear keyframes to linear and it didn’t help
Tried to detect animation end via markers, but due to the fact that i never used them, i failed.

local Anim = Chest.Model.Humanoid.Animator:LoadAnimation(Chest.Model.Animations.OpenChest)
-- literally all code regarding animation

Would be happy if somebody will explain why this happens

I think it is because, it completes the animation, so it goes back to his original position, try copying the last keyframes to the end and extend the duration, i think i had the same problem, so i did that, if you didn´t understand please tell me.

(English is not my main language sorry)

Thanks for reply.
You are right, this is not a bug, but a feature.
I figured out this myself couple days ago and even found way around it adjusting speed of animation track to 0 at the end

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You can extend the duration or use:


once the animation is at the position you want.