Animation plays only when sit Help!

i am trying to play animation with simple script and the script work only when The Player sit how i need fix it just working animation when you click with tool.

thx for support

The animation’s priority is too low. Try changing it to ‘Action’. You can do this in the animation editor.

i dont think thats the problem can you try your self i send you link to animation and you put it in your studio

No, it is the problem. Your animation is not playing over the walk animation because the priority is too low. While sitting, the priority of the sit animation is much lower, so your animation can be played, as it’s priority is higher.

If you are not willing to try solutions, please do not ask for them. I can try to help you, but if you refuse to let me do so I can’t.

I just made a sample animation with action priority and it worked with the code you gave. When I did not set the priority, it had the same result as your problem.

soo how i need do higher priority??

Please read my post before replying; I already answered that. Roblox’s walk animation has a Movement Priority. The sit animation has a Idle Priority. Your animation is Idle Priority. This priority is used to determine which animation to play of the other. When your animation is lower then other animations, it will not be played. However, when sitting, the animation has priority and can play.

Animation Priorities (Highest to lowest)

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i undarstand but i have example explane me it

example : in roleplay game you play as police officer and you want to “DRINK SOMETHING WHEN YOU STAND” how i need do it ??

some games has this example when you stand you can drink.

I’m actually not sure why, but I have one suggestion: I don’t believe you have to destroy the animation. Unless it’s a repetitive animation? (Walking, etc). If it’s just like a sword swing, it doesn’t need to load it. That will just cause extra server demand, possibly creating extra lag. :slight_smile:

Change your animation priority to “Action”