Animation Plugin Bugs

Here’s some bugs I found with the new animation editor plugin. Post your own if you have any.
[li]Always happens - Create a new animation from the character object. Use the Animation Editor button and select that character. Now delete the character. When you try to close the GUI, it will result in an error.[/li]
[li]Always happens - Use the Animation Editor button and press cancel (before or after selecting a part). You will no longer be able to use the other plugin tools like Create Block Rig, (Gives you the error “Cannot create rig while in edit mode.”)[/li]

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Does making them even work yet? Seems like exporting them makes an empty shell animation that doesn’t actually do anything.

I also get a bug occasionally where I can’t click on the parts I’m animating any more.

I have found out the Animation-object is stored in the model “AnimSaves”, a child of the model you’re animating.
Then just launch a quick :LoadAnimation() and :Play(), and you’ll have your animation playing in no time.
However, I don’t know if the animation only will work locally, as the AnimationId is given a random hex-string, as when usermeshes could be forced into Studio.

Bug I found:
I closed down my animation editor, to test the animation I just had made (saved and exported), as the plugin took up 50% of the screen. I started the plugin up again, selected the same HumanoidRootPart, and proceeded to “Load” my previously saved animation. The string is still in the same location it was saved.

I get an error:

12:35:09.335 - Value is not a valid member of Animation
12:35:09.338 - Script 'C:/Users/<user>/AppData/Local/Roblox/Versions/ver', Line 3030 - global loadCurrentAnimation
12:35:09.339 - Script 'C:/Users/<user>/AppData/Local/Roblox/Versions/ver', Line 1509
12:35:09.339 - stack end
12:35:09.339 - Disconnected event because of exception

And the lines 1509 and 3030 (and relevant lines) are

line 1509         loadCurrentAnimation(childPart.Name)
      function loadCurrentAnimation(animName)
		if (not playingAnim) then
			-- show UI to select animation to load

			-- get string item
			local dummy = rootPart.Item.Parent
			local AnimationBlock = dummy:FindFirstChild("AnimSaves")
			if AnimationBlock == nil then

			local Animation = AnimationBlock:FindFirstChild(animName)
			if Animation == nil then
line 3030       local dataString = Animation.Value

			-- do it
			local func = loadstring(dataString)
			if (func ~= nil) then
				print("Nil func")


It also appears I am unable to IMPORT an animation - the plugin just stops without any error-message.