Animation Priority not Replicating / Animation Bundles not published as Core Priority

Reproduction Steps
This happens with any place file, playing any animation, while wearing (at least as far as I know) any animation bundle (I only tried old school) Note: the visual error is only visible on OTHER clients screen, considering the local default animation script forces to play at priority Core

Expected Behavior
I expect for custom animations to play safely over avatar animations and be visible to other players,
without having to guess which priority level the avatar animations are playing at (They should be Core).

Actual Behavior
When playing a custom animation on a character, the animation is only visible to the playing client (not visible to other clients)

This happens when the client is using a custom bundle (such as old school animation bundle) that was published with the animation being higher priority than ‘Core’.

The local client will play the bundle forcing priority to Core in the default animation script, but this value does not Replicate to other clients, who will see the bundle played on top of other custom animations that have priorities that might be set to lower than whatever the bundle animations are set at.

For example… I have a custom ‘fly’ animation, when the player flies.
The default animator is playing a ‘fall’ animation, and I play my fly animation on top of that. fall.Priority == Core, fly.Priority == Idle : Good
If I wear the Old School animation bundle, the priorities for the animations are Action so… fall.Priority == Action, fly.Priority == Idle : Bad

So one of two things needs to happen, either…

  1. Animation priorities need to replicate, or
  2. All Roblox Animation Bundles (not emotes) need to have their Priorities published as ‘Core’

The workaround is to have a continuous loop, that constantly checks for ‘avatar’ animations, and stops them from playing, depending on a certain state of the game.

For instance, when I fly, I know I will not need the ‘fall’ animations (which could overwrite my fly animation) so I loop though, checking the Animator to see if ‘fall’ is playing, and stopping it if it is.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly

Hey SelDraken,

Thanks for the note and our team will work on updating the animation priority as soon as possible!


Hi, can we get an update on Oldschool Animation Pack - Roblox? This isn’t a huge issue for game functionality, but I would like to see this fixed since it still causes problems. Such as player weaponry being pointed into the ground and not being able to shoot properly. RPG’s shooting into the ground and blowing themselves up. Players think its a issue of the game. Thank you!


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