Animation problem

Okay so I’m trying to make an animation I made it then I tested it out, when the animation ends it does this.

How do I fix it so that when the animation ends he sits however I want?
Thank you!

Did you just set the player to the default Sit animation? You’ll have to cancel the default Sit animation then customize your animation to end up in the seated position you’d like.

I put a script that plays the animation and it does play but it stops and goes to the normal sit again
this is the script
local Seat = script.Parent
local r15Sit = script:WaitForChild(“Animation”)
local r15SitAnim

if change ~= “Occupant” then return end

local occupant = Seat:FindFirstChild('SeatWeld')

if occupant then
	local humanoid = occupant.Part1.Parent:WaitForChild('Humanoid')
	if humanoid.RigType == Enum.HumanoidRigType.R15 then
		r15SitAnim = humanoid:LoadAnimation(r15Sit)
		r15SitAnim.Looped = true


Why not put a couple print lines to see that your if statements are working properly.
How does your Animation end up? It seems to be looping, so shouldn’t it be replaying your sitting Animation over and over?