Animation problems with "Over the Shoulder" weapons

I am creating “Over the Shoulder” weapons similar to the ones in Polyguns and Battlefront 2, I have successfully created these weapons and the over the shoulder script but would like to eliminate the walking animation from shaking the gun off aim (Shown in gif) so that the weapons look smoother and more professional, though I am not quite sure how I would be able to do this. Previously I tried to find an animation with little LowerTorso movement, this lead to the same problem. Could anyone give me any advice or help or suggestions on what to do? It would be greatly appreciated. I need a script to fix this.

The torso movement is attached to the animation itself, so there isn’t really a way to get rid of it without compromising some trait of the animation. For example, you could make the LowerTorso not move, but then you awkwardly have only the legs moving and that’d look strange.

The default R15 animations have less shake and slightly more bounce to them, so I think those are pretty stable. They can only be activated by disabling player animation choice since Rthro movement, for some reason, is the default option. Whether you want to use them or not though, don’t know.

Right, that’s pretty good and all but im not quite sure why you have marked this post as “Art Design Support”. I posted this into scripting support because changing animations didn’t fix it so It will need a script to fix, such as duplicating fake arms on it or something crazy which will be explained on scripting support.

Art Design Support is intended for help regarding animations. Suggestions and fixes can include code. In the OP, there is no script issue being brought up in this thread, which is what Scripting Support is for. It is for technical issues related to a given code sample or an issue about scripting, which this is not.

Posting a non-scripting thread here is miscategorisation.

Ok, well now it does include needing a script.

That doesn’t make it any more a fit for Scripting Support though because your primary issue is the animation and wanting to eliminate some of the movement in it.

Pieces of code that are helpful for alleviating the issue or resolving it can be given across any category. Scripting Support is primarily for requesting help about programming issues. Your issue is not a programming issue, it is an animation issue.

I just turned default animations on and now it’s completely fixed, thank you very much.

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Well, I have a couple of ideas.

The first one is like so - you can have two separate animations, one for walking, and one for walking while shooting. I think this will help your animations look more “realistic” while keeping the theme you are going for.

Oh well nevermind, looks like you solved it already. But I’ll keep this up in case you may want to do something like this.

Wouldn’t parenting the camera to the humanoid root part solve the problem? Its unaffected by animations and just controls the position of the character. It wouldn’t bounce around when you move.

That’s not how the camera works. You don’t change its parent, you change its properties. That being said, the behaviour of the camera by default has the character’s Humanoid as the camera subject and it follows the HumanoidRootPart. The bouncing comes from the animation itself.