Animation Replication Issues

The Issue

There is an issue within my game where animations played by a player’s client do not replicate properly across the server and to other players. This issue has been an existing issue in my game for as long as I can remember, and I never bothered to do something about it because I didn’t see it as something that affects gameplay.

Here is some footage of this replication issue occurring:
Streamable Video | Animation Replication Issue #1 (Some of the falling animations are not stopping when they should be)
Streamable Video | Animation Replication Issue #2 (Roblox’s default walk animation playing in the air?)

My Thoughts

The reason I think this is happening is due to my animation priorities not being configured properly (as in when I set them using the animation editor, I just didn’t think about which priorities I selected). But, I feel as if it could be completely invalidated due to the fact that on the player’s client the animations are working perfectly.

If this is an animation priority issue, how should I go about fixing this? Should I come up with a list of which animation goes into which priority? Which priorities should I use for all of my animations?

If this is not an animation priority issue, then I see this as a bug. You might ask me why I didn’t post this in a bug report category, and to that I say that I do not have access to create new threads in the bug reports category. I see this solely as something with my game, as I’ve never seen this happen to anyone else before, so I know that it’s something I had to have done.


  • I am using a custom animate script (for the state animations like walking, jumping, falling, etc.), which behaves similarly to Roblox’s default animate script aside from no support for tools, and allows me to change the state animation live (It will play/stop or just update the animation accordingly)


I will be greatly appreciative if anyone can help find a solution to fix this problem.


I don’t have a solution, but I wanted to let you know I am running into the same issue. I think it could be an problem on Roblox’s end, I have given in. Just hoping they fix it. Good luck!

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There’s been a lot of other posts about animations not working currently. I can assure that you’re not the only one sadly.

Including @A_0verlord

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