Animation rigs: First frame as a non-default position

I’m currently using Roblox animations as a way to animate the guns within my game. I’ve got a the ViewModel is rigged for it, however my equip animate starts its first frame out of the camera’s view. In theory, this should mean that once the animation is playing (provided it has already been loaded) it should instantly snap to this position.

Whats happening is that it will transition towards this position, but as time progresses, so too does the animation meaning we never reach our beginning position. While not the end of the world, it does make for some very weird equipping animations.
Here is a quick look at what I’m talking about;

An easy fix for this is just to have my rigs moved away from the camera for n seconds before use, however that means I can’t add bits of flair. How can I get that first frame to be ready?

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