Animation scripting help - Weight and FadeTime

Hey, I was trying to script my own strafe animations for R6, but I didn’t understand what weight and fadetime does. Can someone help me with this topic? Thank you very much!

Fade time is the time taken for the animation to fully appear. Like when changing from a standing animation to a crouching animation, the fade time will dictate how long it takes for the standing animation to ‘fade’ into the crouching animation.

Weight determines the priority of animations, if they have the same animation priority (idle, action, etc), and blends the currently playing animations together.

For example, if the rightward animation has a weight of 0.75, and the leftward animation had a weight of 0.25, the displayed animation would still face right, albeit not as rightwards due to blending with the leftward animation.

If both animations were of weight 0.5, the displayed animation would face forwards.

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Ohh, that’s pretty cool, thank you d0cter_oof! :smiley:

More specifically, fadetime is the amount of time it takes for the Weight to change to something else. So, when you start an animation, the weight is 1. When you stop it, it is 0. The fadetime is the amount of time to get from 1 to 0 and 0 to 1. So fadetime can also affect changing the weight using AdjustWeight.


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