Animation seems "weaker"

Hello, i made a recoil animation for my glock17, it is first person.
in the editor it is like this: (im using moon animator.)
It is normal, right?
But when i load it into my viewModel, and i play it, it seems “weaker”, it doesn’t have that power that it has in the editor:
Is there a way to fix this? Or is it just my illusion?

Well…try to make it stronger in the editor I guess, then it may look stronger in the game.

I think this has to do with camera perspective. The arm movement looks stronger towards the base of the arm where it connects to the torso (in the animation editor gif.) The player can’t see this and its creating the illusion that the animation looks weaker.


As @Semistare says, I think it’s perspective.
If you look at the distance the aiming point at the back of the gun moves compared to the actual back of the gun in the first video, then compare that distance in the second video they look very similar.

Mhh, actually i dont think it is. I made a test: i changed the viewModel offset to, 0, -3) * CFrame.Angles(0, math.rad(90), 0) and it doesn’t change it still look weak: maybe i did wrong…?

You can try moving the camera in front of the player and have it face the arms to see if the animation looks different. Perspective is really the only issue I could think of that would be causing this problem.

Changing the offset of the model doesn’t really affect the animation speed though just keep that in mind in case that’s what you were trying to achieve. Even if it does/did affect the animation it looks like the animation is playing like it’s supposed to.

I moved the model offset to simulate another prespective, now i changed it to 180 instead of 90 degs.
So that i can have the gun facing at me. I tried to shoot and it looks a bit different, so yes, in part i think it’s the perspective.
Now i will try to make the animation stronger in the editor, and lets see if i can achieve what i want.

I went on the editor and changed the perspective going near to the in-game perspective, and that’s the result:
The animation, with almost the in-game perspective, in the editor, seems stronger and powerful, than the in-game one. I don’t know why, maybe that’s a Roblox animation implementation issue.

Yea, i fixed it!
Perspective wasn’t the problem. My animation was starting with the idle keyframe, then going to the recoil keyframe, and returning to the idle keyframe. What i did is making the animation start with the recoil keyframe, and playing the animation with 0 of FadeTime, so that it suddendly starts without fading, and now it works pretty fine! I love it. :