Animation Showcase!

I recently made an animation showcase consisting around 70% (rough) of the animations I’ve made so far from commissions, I also started doing commissions 2 months ago but took a 3 week to one month break.

Game Link:AnimationShowcase - Roblox

Known Bugs:

  • Godzilla Rig doesn’t have arms and legs animated (I’m not a scripter so idrk how to fix this)
  • Some rigs not playing their animations
  • Floating Rig at the end of the R15 animations

Hope you enjoy the game!


Animations looks fluid and alive! Very nice!


Really good animations. Personally, I have nothing to change.
Something you might want to know:

Combat Warriors are currently looking for animators like you for their game. I heard they’re paying 500k or something for the animations. You might consider sending them your resume.

Note: I don’t know if they are actually looking for animators, I just heard about it from another developer.

yeah I do know combat warriors needs an animator, I play that game quite a bit but honestly I don’t feel like up to the job rn