Animation skipping (shaky) only playing when close / beside the player

What do I want to achieve?:
Classic 2007 Roblox animations

What is the issue?:

Using classic 2007 animation script:

  • Here is the script uploaded to ROBLOX (I did not make it):
    2007Animate - Roblox

  • Here is a video showing the bug:

What solutions have you tried so far?:
I have looked up solutions but most or all of them are about new animations. I want to make this script work because I have already made parts of the game that require the character to move that way. (Body block parts, weapon attacks, etc.)

I love classic ROBLOX! If someone has an alternative to achieve Super Nostalgia Zone quality that would be fantastic.

thank you to anybody who can help! I’m very new to scripting, this is my first game.

(This animation bug persists in studio, and on server.)
Note: I want these animations to work as I want PVP to be as smooth as possible.

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Could you upload it with another file format? I am not able to see the video.

Why do you want to make a old 2007 type Game i don’t think people will be into that i’d rather make a r15 game but hey it is what it is

Here is an mp4 version.

mostly for old roblox RPG nostalgia, and for how physics work.

just testing it here, less parts in the workspace

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Did some bug fixes with when animations play and found this,

while Figure.Parent~=nil do

local _, time = wait(0.1)



changing the wait time from 0.1 to 0.033 seems to have fixed it but now the only issue is that for the first player when walking, other players who are standing still are running, but the latter player will not have this bug.