Animation Snaps Client Position to Server Position?

Hello DevForum,

I’m trying to create my own Over the Shoulder gun system. It’s been working alright so far but I’ve run into a major problem. When a player character looks up or down and an animation plays, the player’s right arm will snap to the server’s position. This didn’t previously happen in older versions but when I open up the older version, this issue now occurs in them as well.

To make the character look up or down, I edit the angle of the weld between the upper and lower torso on the player’s client. I then send that data to the server which then sends it to all the other clients for them to replicate. So the character faces up or down on all the clients but on the server, the character is still looking forward. It’s not done on the server due to potential lag and because if it’s done on the client first and then the server, there’s jerkiness in the client.

When an animation plays involving the gun shooting, the arm of the character will be immediately snapped to the server’s position of the arm and I’m not sure why, especially because this only just started to happen today. Here’s a video. Sorry the audio doesn’t line up and sorry for the lag.
robloxapp-20220906-2238095.wmv (3.0 MB)

Any help? Thank you

Clone the motor6d locally, might need to copy the .Transform in a .stepped connection as well

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