Animation stopped working (NOT TimePosition) [ERROR FOUND, no solution]

So recently, a few hours ago, the guns in my game stopped playing their animations.
They dont rely on timepositions.

Here is how the animations are loaded:

local holdanms = {}
local animations = {}
local c = tool:WaitForChild(“Stats”):GetChildren()
for i,v in pairs© do
if v:IsA(“Animation”) then
local anm = humanoid:LoadAnimation(v)
anm.Priority = Enum.AnimationPriority.Movement

  	if priorities[v.Name] ~= nil then
  		anm.Priority = priorities[v.Name]
  	if v.Name:find("Fire_Auto") then
  	if v.Name == "Pose" or v.Name == "Hold" then
  		holdanms[v.Name] = anm
  		animations[v.Name] = anm


They are simply played by doing:
Whereas SPEED is 1 in most cases.

The script doesn’t break or output an error, it pretends like the animations are playing for real.

In a few cases some gun animations work but mostly none.
What has changed?

NOTE: Everything is in a module, loaded by a localscript.

cc @zeuxcg

Link to the game please?

Found the issue!
The issue is when you set priority:

anm.Priority = Enum.AnimationPriority.Movement

When you set it the animations stops working. If I comment that part out, the gun animations work.


Argh :frowning:

Let me see if I can change a flag to fix this…

I enabled some animation changes for your game that should fix the bug (at least on-line). Can you check if this is the case and if there are any other animation issues? I played your game for a bit and everything looked okay to me but you’d obviously know better.

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EDIT: Nvm it seems to be sporadic whatever works and what doesnt.
Sometimes the glock breaks sometimes the shotgun, it doesnt seem to have anything to do with their original priority.

Is this in Studio or on-line?

Studio, sry forgot to mention that.

Ah! Yeah, I believe the setting will only work on-line… Can you check there?

I bought some gold to get a shot gun but I keep being a zombie :frowning:

Alright I tested it and it seems fine!
Hope you fix this is studio too later on cause that’s where I do my testing.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Oh, and sorry about the zombie thing, the selection script racist or something. Very biased XD

Ok, awesome!

The fix for this will ship next week; I’ll see if maybe we can enable it on Monday next week.

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nvm this msg.

Could you post a notice on this thread when you’ve updated?
Cause now nothing is really working anymore.

I can have two guns with same animation doing same thing but only one of them works…
It’s a nightmare :confused:

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