Animation stops working when a RopeConstraint is added

Hello everyone! I’ve been working on a medieval cuff system, and I ran into a problem that when a RopeConstraint is added into the cuffed player’s character, for some reason the cuff animation either stops, either freezes at some point.

Without the rope constraint it works completely fine:



And with the rope constraint it works like this:



I believe what causes this is that when the rope constraint freezes all animations when its added to any part of the character, so maybe there is a way to override this or there is just another way to keep the same cuff system without the animation bug? Because I don’t want to just drag the person behind or infront of me with changing the CFrames every second, it just doesn’t have those cool vibes :frowning:

i’m so glad i found out that this is caused by the rope, because i was breaking my mind rewriting all the animation scripts lol

also the animation priority is set to Action

i kinda found a solution
i just added a task.wait() and set up the waiting amount that fits the time that is required for anims to work

You shouldn’t just use a task.wait for that, you should use a waitForChild until the animation is loaded. The animation should be loaded at the beginning of the script so it’s ready to use, not inside the section of code for the cuffing.

I do load the animation into the player’s animator each time their character loads, plus is there actually a way to do WaitForChild with AnimationTracks? Never knew about that

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