Animation struggle

Is there any way to prevent the torso from moving every other limb in the ROBLOX animator?

As shown here, the torso moves the legs, and I can’t seem to keep the legs where they are at the beginning.

I don’t know if I am right, correct me if I am wrong, anchor the legs.

The animator doesn’t allow anchoring.

Try only selecting the torso in explorer.

Didn’t work, also it disconnected the joints so the animation isn’t possible now.

Oh, sorry. I thought that was what worked when I had that problem but apparently not.

There’s only two ways that come to mind on how to do this. Now, please keep in mind, I am primarily a programmer, so any and all animation advice I give should be taken with a grain of salt and experimentation.

First method is to animate both the legs and the torso. Move up the torso while simultaneously moving down the legs and any other limbs at the same rate.

The second method, although a bit more complex, involves making the torso invisible and creating a faux torso that is visible. The fake torso would only be connected to the real torso (which would be invisible). This could then be animated like any other limb individually.

The lower torso is the parent of the legs and the upper torso is the parent of the arms and head. If you move them, you move their children. I recommend lowering the lower torso ever so slightly so that you have freedom to move the legs about and bounce without going airborne.

Got it. Since the legs were rotated that kind of interfered with the movement process. I kept them straight and moved the second keyframes, so they stay still now. :+1:

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