Animation titling when it's not supposed to

i’m trying to animate a round-off, but when i play it in studio testing and it starts to land, the animation begins to tilt strangely.

it looks fine in the editor. this is what it’s supposed to look like:

roundoff editor

this is what it’s doing:

roundoff ingame

none of my other animations do this. i’ve noticed this problem in other games with flip animations, just never knew what exactly it was until now.

what is it even doing?? how do i fix this so it doesn’t look so wobbly and strange?

Could be that as it tilts the HRP is knocked around causing the tilting, I wouldnt be sure how to fix that but try smoothing out the between frames to correct for the tilting by tilting the animation in the reverse

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alright so by going through a video of the animation frame by frame, i found out that it was only tilting when i hadn’t keyed the lower torso during the animation. if i key the lower torso for every frame of the flip, it doesn’t do any wobbling or titling.

based on this, i’m assuming it had something to do with how the physics was handling the in-betweens? i’m still not sure what caused it, but at least there’s a fix!