Animation Tool Bugs While Playing any Animation for the First Time

My animation always bugs out in an awkward way. I’ve tried to use :AdjustWeight(), :Stop(fade), and :Play(fade) but none of them seem to help my case. I’ve looked at many posts trying to fix this but I couldn’t find anything thing. I’m following this tutorial by @Headstackk (also @H_mzah) How to animate a tool/object with a Dummy in the Animation Editor. Any help will be appreciated! Here’s an excerpt from my code:

				local idleanim = hum:LoadAnimation(idle)
				local fireanim = hum:LoadAnimation(fireanimation)	

And here’s what happens. (Notice the slight bug where the tool slides into the torso. It’s most noticeable at the reload) shotgun bug - Album on Imgur

Is there any way I can fix this?

lengthen the time the animation has to blend between fire and idle, redo the animation with cubic interpolation instead of linear and you should have a better result.