Animation using Motot6D's issue

Hey there!

I am creating a SCAR-L weapon and I want to animate it. I am using Motor6D’s to animate each separate part.

However, the issue is that when in the animation editor I cannot animate any part of the gun.

They are all connected via Motot6D’s and the Part0 is a part named ‘BodyAttach’.

Object hierarchy:

Weapon -

Dummy -

I think you should add an animatable joint from the hand/arm to the handle of the gun, then parent the gun into the dummy.

This worked; all I had to do was parent the tool to the dummy.

Thank you!

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Also, This is scripting support so I don’t know why you added this topic here. Anyway, try clicking the plus sign and find BodyAttach.

Yeah I didn’t know what category to put it in.