Animation was not imported. You do not have ownership of animation with the selected ID. HELP

Alright, This isn’t the first time that this has occured, I’m having problems importing my animations from roblox to the animator plugin. Even though i have full ownership of them

Whenever i also get into a test game I get this error in the output.


Is there any fix for this, if so please help me out.

so there is 2 options 1 you wait 6 hours for the animation to be fixed or you contact support

This is so stupid. Gotta love roblox

You have to wait for the animation to pass moderation (even if you’re just testing it). This flow isn’t ideal, but you should be able to file a feature request about this.

Since when did they implement that in their system?

Can’t give an exact date, but you should be able to look at this thread: Unable to play animations before their reviewed by moderation

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Alright it seems that the animations go under moderation, I waited around 2 hours for my animations to get “accepted”.

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