Animation weight lerping causes choppy animations and lag?

client (smooth)

other player (choppy)

is there a simpler solution to this or should i make it so every player animation is processed locally (will take a lot of time to make) ?

the way this is done is running RunService.RenderStepped and adjustweight with the humanoid walkspeed magnitude

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i try

to create a similar effect, when your animation plays/stops, try this:

anim:Play(1) --makes the anim fade in, like how it shows in the video

and when you wanna stop the anim

anim:Stop(1) --fades it out

fade in and out is too linear and it does not appear as smooth as weight blending, i’ll just wait 'till roblox studio properly supports it

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made it work by sending instructions by RemoteEvent:FireAllClients() which animations to play and blend and works very nice