Animation wont play [need help]

Hello I have an animation in my game that will not play. My issue is that the animation will play in literally any other game/place except the one that I want. I have used the same script in different group places and it works in all of my other games except the one I am trying to use it in. I have done nothing special to the player nor the animation script. Can somebody help me out?

My animation was uploaded to my group here:

My script that I am using:

--Load animation:
local animate = game.Workspace.billybobtijoseph:FindFirstChild("Animate")
local walk = animate.walk
local run =

if not walk:FindFirstChild("PreviousAnimation") then
	local newVal ="StringValue")
	newVal.Value = walk.WalkAnim.AnimationId
	newVal.Name = "Previous"
	newVal.Parent = walk

walk.WalkAnim.AnimationId = "" --run animaation.

if not run:FindFirstChild("PreviousAnimation") then
	local newVal ="StringValue")
	newVal.Value = run.RunAnim.AnimationId
	newVal.Name = "Previous"
	newVal.Parent = run

run.RunAnim.AnimationId = "" --run animaation.

The game I am trying to use it in:


This video was taken in a different game with the script above.

While this one is taken in CTT with the same exact script.

My animation IDs change but the player still performs the old animation.

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You can just start the game go into the character > find the animate script > copy it > stop game > paste it in starter character scripts > add your walk ID in run and walk inside the script and the animations in the values inside the script.

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Do you think there is any other way of doing it without using a copy of the Animate script? I want the animate script made by roblox to continue to update as roblox updates.

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Do you own the animation? If you do and its in your inventory then it will only work for games made by you, if the game is under a group it must be uploaded to that group.

Roblox auto updates the script and it doesn’t get outdated I have a animation from my one discontinued game it has been in there for 1 year

Still works completely fine. :small_blue_diamond:

I’m pretty sure you can’t play animations that are not owned by the game’s owner.

If you want to have an animation play in a group game, the animation either has to be free or made by the group (the animation will work in studio but not in app).

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If you didn’t upload the animation to whatever group owns the game, the animation will not play. Make sure you upload it to the group.

Upload the animation through the group instead of yourself. If it’s a group game you have to publish the animation, and put the creator as your group. It should work then

The animation is owned by the group already. I did upload it through the group. How do i put the creator as my group?

try to set animation priority to action

you have to reupload it, then set creator to your group.

You need to upload the animation the group where the game is on placed

Is there some kind of tutorial for this cause I’m still a little lost. I thought I had already uploaded it to my group??

Have you tried using ROBLOX’s default animation script? Just paste the code into a server script and remove the game.Players.LocalPlayer.Chatted event

no i would just like to know why my script wont play in that place or how i can ‘set the creator’ of my animation…

i reuploaded it and set the creator to my group and it still does not work. -.- .

I dont really get but you are not using animator:LoadAnimation(animationTrack) so it would not work because you are not running any animation(if i read it right).

so my fix would be???

thieerty. hracters/