Animation works in studio, but does not work in game

So I have a crouching sistem in my game, and it works perfectly in studio, but in game the animations just won’t show, it slows the player and does everything apart from the animation.
It also does not returns any error messages.
Does anyone know why?


Try to use a server script to play the animation


You need to be the one who uploaded the animation in order to use it in your game.


I have published the animation myself

Can´t it reproduce the animations locally?
If I must do it throught a script, how can I use UserInputService

Is your game in a group but your animation is on your account?

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I have the exact same problem, It only started happening recently. I notice that if I play on a different account I can see the animation in game but as the game developer I cant see it in game, only in studio.

Yes! I´ll change that! [[char limit]]

That might be the issue. Your animation’s owner must be the same as the game’s for it to play.

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