AnimationEditor should show time (in seconds) when hovering over a Keyframe

Right now if I want to findout where keyframe 0:18 is in seconds, I have to open up a calculator and take 18 divided by whatever the FPS of this animation is running (and it’s not always 30).

In this example I’m running 30 FPS, so at frame 18, im 18/30 = .6 seconds into the animation.
This is a very tedious way of finding the most basic of information.

Therefore I suggest that when you hover over a keyframe, it will display the time as shown below:


That is all.


Just so you know, you can click the gear button on the top right of the editor, then select Time Unit -> Seconds. This will change the timeline to be in Seconds rather than Seconds:Frames.

No it doesnt.

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I guess this was removed? @jonathanTheForgotten

It never existed. Frames and Seconds:Frames were the only options since this editor was released.

@PlaceRebuilder, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll express your concerns to design and we’ll see if we can get something like this in the editor.