Animation.Length 0, Stopped/KeyframeReached events not firing

This is basically a Bug-Report but as i can’t post it there, i will post in here, maybe someone can help me with this? or an admin can move it to the right category, please.

I have a game in which i use the KeyframeReached/Stopped events on some of my animations, but there is a weird glitch that randomly occurs on random servers.

Basically, if i play an animation, and use .Stopped:Wait(), it will never fire, regardless if the animation stopped, only if i call :Stop() on it (which is not viable as i want to know if the animation really stopped), or even KeyframeReached doesn’t receive any firing.

As it happens on random servers, i joined one and checked what was happening, and discovered that the animation always stays with Length 0, while on servers that the animation does work, the Length is the normal one.

I don’t know what could be the cause of this, so i do not know how to replicate it, all i do is call Play on the animation, server side. I am having to write a module to check for keyframe sequences instances and use it, instead of listening to the real events.
I will leave this video i made showing the issue: