AnimationLoader (open-source)

AnimationLoader (open-source)

Hello! I’m releasing an Open-Source Animation Module for anyone to use. Everything in this module is made by me. You are free to use these in all your games, however crediting me is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Current Animation Modules:

  • BackgroundTransparencyAnimaton
  • BlurAnimaton
  • SizeAnimaton


  • UIScaleAnimation
  • PositionAnimation

How do I use it?

There are a few small things you need to do. Here’s a list:

  1. Insert the Module into your game. (In ServerScriptService)
  2. Put the following codes into your script you want to use the animations in.
local Loader = require(game.ServerScriptService.AnimationLoader)

local Module_BackgroundTransparencyAnimaton = Loader.Module_BackgroundTransparencyAnimaton
local Module_BlurAnimaton = Loader.Module_BlurAnimaton
local Module_SizeAnimaton = Loader.Module_SizeAnimaton
local Module_PositionAnimaton= Loader.Module_PositionAnimaton
local Module_UIScaleAnimaton = Loader.Module_UIScaleAnimaton
  1. If you for example want to use the BlurAnimation you need to copy the line from the modulescript and edit what you want to animate in the instance,value and the speed.
  1. And boom! You now have an animated Blur Animation!

For other tween animations like background animation you are be able to use


Get your Module here!

Need support?

If you need help setting up, please feel free to contact me! You will recieve an email within 48 hours about your question.

Thanks for reading! :sparkles:

Update: More tweens update! 23/10/2021

  • Made a testing server where u can test the animations. Press here for testing server
  • Changed the animation function from “.Animation()” to ".Tween()"
  • Added 2 new tween animations. Position and Size
  • Changed the name of SizeAnimation to UIScaleAnimation


Nice Module you have here but I have a few suggestions/comments.

  1. The name
  • It doesn’t really fit with what your module performs, perhpas change it to “ExtraUI” or something?
  • It doesn’t need to have your name in it, even if you would like you to be recognized of it.
  1. The module seems a bit to complicated?
  • All the warn() is not needed,

  • You could have easily used \n there and removed the wait() Since code gets read top to bottom.
  • The loading modules combined makes sense as it’s easy to add more animations BUT I wouldn’t be basing the main thing of this module as (Open-Source) as it makes it hard to read for beginner scripters. There’s also no real need.

This module could be very useful if you add some more stuff that can’t really be accesed by tweenservice.

That’s all, hope to read your reply soon.


Hiyo! I have changed some stuff on the module to make it simpler for anyone to use.

  • Changed the name from “DriezieLoader” to “AnimationLoader”
  • Replaced all the warn() to print()
  • Added some more information into the scripts how to use it.
  • Removed the wait() becuase it was unnecessary

Get the module here: AnimationLoader - Roblox

Thanks for your feedback! :smiley:

Looks neat I’ll have to check this out!

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Hiyo! I just made another small update.

Before this you only had the basic tween style and direction, now this will be customisable!


Get the module here:

Thanks for all the support! Enjoy this update! :smiley:

More updates wil be shown on the first post

No insult meant, just constructive criticism.
This shouldn’t be a module.

The “module” you’ve made is just tweening, certain objects, it’s overcomplicated for no real reason.
All you really need is just some basic tweening knowledge.

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