Hello. I have an issue with a misplaced tool.

What I want it to do;
What is does;

I use a removeevent to activate the animation:
Serverside -

If any more clarification or pictures are needed, I’ll provide.

I’m sorry this problem does happen to me sometimes as well but you can fix it using a tool grip editor:


Update: So I found this tutorial that helped me out A LOT and here it is for you to use. You can animate tools and everything ezy peezy

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Yes, that’s the tutorial I originally followed, and it produced the problem I have.

You don’t have to delete the animate script though, but you have to turn off Tools.RequiresHandle.

Won’t it be conflicting animations? I for example have a walking animation with the pickaxe, so I load another animate script, and destroy the original one, so that they dont conflict. Or is there something else that requires that i dont have to delete it?

You can do something such as permenantly attach the pickaxe to them with a Motor6D (with a consistent C0 and C1), making it invisible when it is not in use (or recreating/moving the joint). That way you can animate its rotation as well.