Animations are different on server

Hello! So I noticed that animations have changed. So on my avatar animation looks fine. But when im starting watching it from other player’s eyes I see that animation is different. It’s like almost doesn’t play. What I mean by this is this:

I saw a post who was talking about that but didn’t gave it much attention so I think this is because of roblox did something with animations. Is there a way how I can fix it?

This was actually just posted about below here:

The solution the poster came up with in this thread involves running the code server-sided rather than client-sided. Previously I would of asked the animation priority (even though it should appear same on the client I’ve run into stuff where it actually looks different on the server and the solution was to change the Priority), but due to the fact that this seems to be a change as of recently and that two of the same issues were posted within a close time frame I would assume this is something to do with Roblox itself.

Essentially, I’d recommend trying what the poster did here, which is running the animation on the server, and seeing if it changes anything.

I have tried to play animation from server. Result is same. I also changed animation priority to the Action4 (the highest one I think) but result still same.

Oh, interesting. Could you provide the script you’re using for this? I think that would help me understand your issue better.

function module.PlayAnim(hum,animation: Animation,same: string)
	if same then
		for _,anim in pairs(hum:GetPlayingAnimationTracks()) do
			if string.lower(anim.Name) == string.lower(same) then


I have also been trying to load animation through animator but result is same.

How is the animation object which is being loaded, created?

It’s located in the replicated storage.

The reason was at walkspeed. Everything ok now.