Animations are playing very weirdly

so recently after an update in the animation feature, my animations pretty much broke. They are really slow and look really weird. it happens in basically all weapons animated before yesterday. The movements look very stiff.


the character should be on the ground with the katana going through the ground. it is basically broken since the executing animation replies on touching to execute players. The screenshot is showing the player that is meant to be on the ground fully.

vctr 5ft

The pitchfork is supposed to be pointing downwards and the hands are meant to be joined together. The right hand was meant to be pointing downwards.

they look perfectly fine on the website but ingame they look like they are making the character have a stroke. i am not sure which category this goes in.


This have been reported multiple times already, but I will answer (again) anyways.

There’s a new update to the animation system incoming soon. For now, it’s on phase 2, which means the property workspace.AnimationWeightedBlendFix is set to “Default” for everyone’s games, Default = Enabled right now. For now, you can set it to disabled, but once phase 3 is rolled out, the property will be hidden and will be forced to be enabled.
Basically what happens is that, once two animations of the same priority play, they blend. You can fix this by adjusting their weight through :AdjustWeight() or by manually changing their priority (which means you’d have to reupload them all).
It’s pretty annoying and other people have been complaining too. Here’s Roblox official article, which also lets you know how to fix this (3 methods, 2 that I have already told you):


i have been looking for reasons it was, and couldn’t find anything. thank you.


So i was struggling with the same issue, but my friend @Rocketrix help me fixing my animation issue.

All you need to do is inserting this before playing the the animation.

for i,v in pairs(player.Character.Humanoid:GetPlayingAnimationTracks()) do
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