Animations doesn't play

I have made an animation for my game, for when the android shoots at the player, but it seems like the animations doesn’t play. I’ve gotten this issue only with the most recent animations, and not the old ones, as they seem to work properly. I tried reuploading the animations, but they didn’t work. Hell they don’t even show up in my toolbox.

Old animations do work, as seen in the following video:

Is there any ways to fix this issue?

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Make sure if the game is under your group’s ownership, you export the animation under that group.

But if the game is under your account’s ownership then export your animation under “Me” (which is your account).

(or it could be an error in the script)

There is no group ownership, and I do not own any groups. The animations does show up in my creator dashboard, and there’s no errors in concerned scripts.

The animations are loaded like this: npcmodel:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid"):LoadAnimation(BLOURCE.GameRessources.Animations.npc_a4_r15_ssg)

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I have the same problem, contact the staffs of roblox instead, roblox is broken, not you


Same with me. Tell me if you get a solution.