Animations don't copy over to other places/games?

I made an animation in one game, uploaded it to roblox but then saved it and copied it over to another game. Why is it not loading the animations like it did in the other game?

I don’t think it’s my scripts but maybe the animations, I wasn’t sure where to put it so I put it here.

What happens in original game

What happens in the game I copy it over to

Any help is appreciated!

One is R6 while the other is R15

Ok, do you still think it could be ownership issues? I’m not sure how to sort that because the owner of the game doesn’t give me access, he just takes them and inserts them. Is there anyway to share the animation with them?

Once you change it back to R6 it may be because of ownership issues. Import the animations into a dummy and have the owner export them.

Could I send him the animation files to upload?

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Animations never copy over to other games, they are independent assets. If at any point they don’t load in your game, there can be three potential causes: inconsistent rig type (animating in R6 but having the R15 rig type), non-shared owner (animations can only be used by the user or group that uploaded them) or a code problem (check the console for that).

On another note, as this has to do with animations and not code, I have moved this to Art Design Support. Please read our category guidelines/summaries to understand if your thread is appropriate for a category.

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