Animations don't show for other people ingame

Hey! I’m currently having issues with animations, as they show for me but not other people.

This is a custom character animation too, keep in mind.

local character = script.Parent
local humanoid = character:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
local walkAnim = script:WaitForChild("Walk")
local walkAnimTrack = humanoid.Animator:LoadAnimation(walkAnim)
local animateScript = character:WaitForChild("Animate")

	if speed > 0 then
		if not walkAnimTrack.IsPlaying then
		if walkAnimTrack.IsPlaying then

This is the code in StarterCharacterScripts as a local script. I would love some help.


Do you mean it’s playing the animation on your device, but not playing/replicated to other player?
Other than that, it’s kinda weird for it to not replicate :

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I have zero experience with animations, and yes, it plays it on my device.

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Perhaps, you can try using Remote Event or play the animation in the server.
Try making sure that Humanoid.Animator exist first before playing your animation.

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Generally, animations don’t show inside the studio for others if the animation you are using is not uploaded to a public group. However, if you were to publish the game, and play it on the website, others will be able to see your animation as well.

I’ve done that, but my friends say that there is no animation.

Send a link to the game if you would, so I can test it out myself.

Sorry for the late response, the game is really unpolished right now, but here it is!
Unicorns, Donuts, Death - Roblox

Like @GFXBIT said, you could use remote events to play the animation on the server as a solution.

Perhaps, you can try using Remote Event or play the animation in the server.

Since the animation is running on a localscript, it only affects the client and not the server.

So, how would I do this? I’ve never used Remote Events or played the animation in the server.

Ok search a tutorial on remote events preferably from the dev king, I have never scripted and I picked it up… so just try what he says to the T

Why would I need a remote event?

because you animation is local so u need to use remote events so that it also plays server - wise